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    The Brand: Many things have changed in the skating market over the past three decades, beginning with roller skating transcending into inline skating and then branching out into race, fitness, aggressive and hockey. During these transitions, Hyper Wheels has always been at the forefront of wheel technology, providing the consumer with the best performing and longest lasting wheels. The 2016 season is no exception; the new line redefines why Hyper is “#1 in the World of Wheels”.
    The most notable change in 2016 is Hyper’s new look. From performance to hockey, this year’s line looks better than ever with greater shelf appeal.

    A lot of companies make inline skate wheels, but nothing comes close to the Hyper’s quality. To some customers, it might be hard to differentiate one wheel from another. But after a few miles, quality wheels that minimize wobble, crack and delamination risks will keep even beginner inliners satisfied and skating. Being #1 in quality and performances hasn’t come easily. Each year, our wheel chemistries are tested and refined by our world-class race team in more than 25 major events around the globe, and our hockey wheels in over 100 tournaments. All this and more is why more inline skates come equipped with Hyper wheels. It’s also the reason why more skaters have been satisfied, knowingly or not, with Hyper products for more than two decades.

    Thank you for your inspiration, determination, and support – they keep us motivated and driven. These products are the results of you!

     Hyper Wheels brand

    OEM Alliances

    Hyper is proud to offer the world’s best urethane wheels that add value to our OEM partners’ products. Across every wheel category, skateboarding, inline, hockey, aggressive and race, Hyper is the one-stop source for unsurpassed quality in branded and unbranded wheels.

    Manufacturing: Hyper manufactures urethane wheels in our facilities, located in Italy (design) and Thailand (production). We manage all of our own manufacturing schedules, which gives us the flexibility to meet the most demanding timelines of our OEM customers. Overseeing our manufacturing also allows us to impose stringent quality control measures, which ensure the highest quality products for our OEM customers.

    Selection: We service our OEM customers with all of the wheels in this catalog, as wheel as special make-up wheels, and OEM specific wheel designs.

    Service: At Hyper we take OEM business seriously. We have a full-time, dedicated OEM division that oversees all of our accounts and is on-call to help facilitate wheel orders all the way from concept to sample through delivery.

    Brand Recognition: Hyper didn’t become #1 in the world of wheels and components overnight. Our research and design teams have spent the last three decades working with hundreds of our sponsored racers, hockey players, and aggressive skaters to build the best performing products that are found on the market today. This dedication to product quality has built a wave of loyal consumers who look for Hyper by name.

    The Best Use Hyper: Consumers trusts brands they know. And, no one knows this better than our OEM customers who choose Hyper. Many brands use genuine Hyper wheels, bringing miles of skating satisfaction to their consumers.

    Contact the OEM department to see how Hyper’s sport chemistries can win for you.